Movement Lifestyle (ML): Shaun Evaristo

1. He’s the founder of Movement Lifestyle
2. He choreographs for Taeyang from Big Bang
3. He can hold his own as a choreographer and a performer

If that’s not enough to be impressed with Shaun Evaristo, then consider this: he works with Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin, the ultimate dancing duo for 2NE1.

I’m a huge fan of Taeyang’s dancing and performing abilities, and when I found out that Shaun teamed up with Lyle Beniga to choreograph Taeyang’s hit “Wedding Dress” from 2009, I had to look him up.  So that’s where the Big Bang member got his smooth swag from.  I recently discovered Shaun’s distinguished group of dancers in Movement Lifestyle, who travel all over the world to teach and choreograph at thriving dance centers like L.A, Toronto, and New York, and a handful of them are teaching at Urban Dance Camp this year.

I.  Have.  To.  Go.

My friend Cina and I had a little spazz session about Shaun during UK 101 tryouts, and we were idolizing over how great this piece was:

Choreographer: Shaun Evaristo | Song: “Sure Thing” by Miguel Jontel | Performed by: Shaun Evaristo

Cina said she’s trying to learn the choreo by watching his mirrored youtube video, and then show it at practice someday.  I hope she gets it soon, so she can teach me!


Thoughts? Please share!

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