Urbanknowlogy 101 (UK 101): Intro

Street choreography.  Popping.  Locking.  Modern.  Breakdancing.  Tricks…and a hint of swing.  Now put all these talents together into one cohesive team, and what do you get?

I present to you George Mason University’s premier hip hop dance team: Urbanknowlogy 101

As a member of this team, I thought it would be appropriate to make a home for all our videos and accounts of what we do.  I have been a member since fall 2009, and since then I have watched the team grow in just a matter of months.  It’s really nice to see us thrive and expand on our own success.  It also helps that we all look fabulous in everything we do ;)

Here’s a little background of UK 101 (the journalist in me is sort of peeking through hehe):

Urbanknowlogy 101 (Uk 101) was founded in 2005, by Terrance TP Polite and Lashonda Wilson, both former members of Culture Shock DC and students at George Mason University (GMU).  They have now become back up dancers for superstars and are teaching workshops around the country, and UK 101 has similarly grown to become one of the most prestigious dance teams at GMU.  With dancers from a wide selection of backgrounds, UK 101 is able to bring diverse styles together to create unique routines and memorable performances.  UK 101’s traditions include performing at Mason Madness, GMU’s annual pep rally for basketball season, and the annual National Pan-Hellenic Council Step Show.  Uk 101 has also guest performed at the East Coast Dance Connection, Miss Alexandria 2011 Pageant, and participated in various competitions in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. region.

UK 101 is really a family, because we spend so much time together through practice and preparing for shows.  Many of the alumni come back to donate choreography, attend practices, and watch us perform.  They also help us become better dancers, because they have returned after having much more experience than us, and they’re always willing to share it with the team.  I hope that I am able to continue dancing after GMU and give back like they have done for us.

To get a taste of what we do, here is a sample of our performances from this year:

Mason Madness 2010 | Songs: “Power” by Kanye West, “Monster” by Kanye West, “Lose My Mind” by Young Jeezy, “Cottonmouth” by Sam Sparro, “Red Eye” by Amerie, “OMG” by Usher, “Monster” by Lady Gaga, “Paranoid” by Kanye West, “Get Outta Your Mind” by Lil Jon | Choreographers: Brydin Banning, Olivia Jeffords, Tasha Henry, Jahnea Smalls, Kaywanna Wallace, Kathy Mendez, Christina Carter, Loren Parks | Performed by: Urbanknowlogy 101

Our theme for this performance was “Monsters” for the month of October (how appropriate right?).  Mason Madness is usually our biggest performance for the fall semester, so of course everyone was hype and ready to kill it out there.  Although, I wish they would have dimmed the lights to create that eerie feel for our theme.  Oh well, it was still one of my favorite performances so far because of the fun choreography and costumes.

Miss Alexandria 2011 Pageat | Song: “Show Me How You Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera | Choreographers: Catie Brown and Olivia Jeffords with swing influence from Bryan Byrd | Performed by: Urbanknowlogy 101

This was so much fun!!!  Since I come from a jazz background, I felt completely in my element, and I liked how we were able to incorporate couple choreography into it.  Overall, it was just fun fun fun.

Miss Alexandria 2011 Pageant | Songs: “Hello Good Morning” by Diddy ft. Nicki Minaj, “Massage” by Trey Songz, “Power” by Kanye West | Choreographers: Cina McKenna, Pierre Durant, Brydin Banning | Performed by: Urbanknowlogy 101

It was really cool because we opened with the burlesque piece to showcase our technique, and we closed with this routine to highlight our style and personality.  This was a really fun experience, and we managed to learn, block, and perfect both pieces in a week!  After the pageant, we stuffed ourselves with some Five Guys :D

This is just an introduction to what UK 101 is about.  There are many more videos from the past that have the OG’s works, and there will be many more to come from the newbies.  Keep an eye out for us!

Also, check out our Facebook page!


Thoughts? Please share!

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