2009 BluesSHOUT! Ballroom Blues Finals

The first time I went to blues was Thursday, March 3rd, and I absolutely fell in love with it.  I originally started with the swing scene about a year ago, but people had told me about blues, and my friend Ashlee convinced me to go and give it a try.  So, being the adventurer I am, I agreed.

We both went blindly into the beginner lesson, only having knowledge of how it works by watching a few videos on youtube and trying variations of it at swing.  The lesson was very basic, and I learned that the dance itself is more about connection than anything else.  For followers, it’s pretty easy.  Once you know your leader’s style, you can do almost any basic of blues.  Then you can start incorporating your own style and modify it for turns and dips.  You really get to play around with the music by hitting the beats and pausing to add some major hips.  In short, I call it the slower, sexier version of swing.

Ashlee just recently posted this link to me:

2009 BluesSHOUT! Ballroom Blues Finals | 1st place: Ruel and Mike, 2nd place: Topher and Rachel, 3rd place: John and Ruby Red


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