DCLX 2011

In the midst of all my posts for UK 101, I do want to make a shout out to my fellow swing dancers and hope they have extra fun for me at the Washington DC Lindy Exchange this weekend!  The first dance took place last night, and there are plenty of more opportunities to swing it out, tighten it for balboa, and let it go for blues.

This was a jam circle for the afternoon dance at DCLX 2010.  For those interested in going this weekend, it’s free! :)

DCLX 2010 Afternoon Dance | Free for all

There’s another video that shows people just social dancing at Dupont Circle, and you can see the huge crowds behind the dancers, all coming together to express their enjoyment for swing dancing.  I hope I get to do this by the time I graduate.  It looks so much fun!


Thoughts? Please share!

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