4th Annual For the Love of Hip Hop

Hosted by Urbanknowlogy 101
Design Credit: Christina Carter

When UK 101 first started out as a dance troupe at GMU, people wondered where they could watch us perform without traveling too far with us to competitions.  So, former President Brydin Banning decided to create an event on our very own campus where we are the stars of the show.  That’s not all – we dedicate this special night to all forms of hip hop culture, such as MCing, rapping, singing, poetry, and more.  To help make this event a success, we invite artists and vendors from around the DMV area to perform memorable numbers and showcase their flashy clothing lines.

This year, For the Love of Hip Hop will be on Friday, April 29 from 7:00-9:00PM at Dewberry Hall in the Johnson Center of GMU.

We have the following talented artists performing for the night:

ABDC Season 4’s Beat Ya Feet Kings
KickRocks Crew
Loren Parks
JP Jonathan Pourzal
Pham Life Entertainment
Vincent Lacsamana

We also have Rogue Squirrel Apparel, Respect My Celebrity, and Chelsea Cooper (she’s sooo good.  Chelsea, if you see this, I admire you so much and hope to be as great of a dancer as you are someday) who will be displaying their lines for browsing and purchasing.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see next week:

World of Dance New York 2010 | Performed by: Beat Ya Feet Kings

Yeah.  Tell me you’re not excited.


Thoughts? Please share!

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