Taiwan: Intro

Photographer: Lee Yin-chiang
Retrieved from Taipei City Government

So. Freaking. Excited.

On May 21st, I will be flying out to Taipei, Taiwan, to conduct one of the most exciting research studies ever.  Yes, studies, meaning school related.  What makes this so exciting you ask?  I will be combining my academics with my biggest passion in my life – DANCING!  On March 28, I was informed by the (get ready) Center for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (CAPEC) Department that I have been awarded the Taiwan Studies Research Scholarship for summer 2011 in support of my research proposal to study marketing strategies used to promote urban and street dance in Taiwan.  Phew, that’s a mouthful!

Ever since I was in high school, my biggest dream was to incorporate traveling in my career.  This trip will bring me one step closer to my dream, allowing me to strengthen my researching and marketing skills and broaden my knowledge in dance, all while improving my Chinese.  Fun, right?

One of the reasons I created movinandgroovin originates from this project.  Students who participate in this trip are asked to create a blog to record our experiences while abroad.  I thought, why not just create a blog for the bigger picture of my personal interests, too?  And out pops movinandgroovin :)

While I am in Taiwan, I will be posting my entries under the “CAPEC Scholarship” category, and my titles will start with “Taiwan: (enter subject).”  This post just serves as an introduction to my project, but there will be many more entries on the way that will explain my influences in choosing this topic and how I’ll go about researching for it.   Only 15 days before I leave!

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