Glen Echo (GE) with Doc Scantlin’s Imperial Palms Orchestra

It’s always nice to watch and dance to a live band, especially if it means taking a break from finals.  Last night, the charming Doc Scantlin and his crew gave us a few chill and stress-free hours of lindy hopping.  There was a good number of people, but it wasn’t too crowded that we felt restricted in a four-foot square on the dance floor.  I had a lot of fun leads and I found myself being able to play with the music more than usual.

We had some great couples out there for the jam session:

Glen Echo Park 5/7/11 | Jam Session | Free for All

Elliot and Becky were cute as usual.  Ashlee, you are getting better and better each time I see you!  Keep it up everyone :)

We also had a special guest performance by the Hollywood swing icon Jean Veloz.  This is her in 1943 when she made a cameo in Swing Fever starring Kay Kyser and Marilyn Maxwell:

Song: “One Girl and Two Boys” by Marilyn Maxwell | Performed by: Jean Veloz, Don Gallager, and Lenny Smith

And here she was last night:

Glen Echo Park 5/7/11 | Performed by: Jean Veloz and Tom Koerner

I’m always so giddy when I watch her because her smile just tells us how much she loves dancing.  In order to keep up with her, Tom says he’ has to slow down and let Jean do her own thing.  I hope that I’ll look as graceful and energetic as Jean does when I’m her age. :)

It’s sad to say that last night will be my last visit to GE for a while, but I hope to make an appearance again when I’m up here in the summertime!  Until then, maybe a visit to Chevy Chase Ballroom or Blues night?  We’ll see.


Thoughts? Please share!

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