Taiwan: “I just wanna lay in my bed”

Day 14 highlights: sleep

I definitely felt like Bruno Mars in his “Lazy” song today.  I was planning on going back to Taoyuan for the second battle day with two rounds of breakdancing and one round of DJing, but my body just didn’t let me move.  The gym at Kainan University had some strong A/C yesterday while the outside was really hot, so I think I was catching a cold from the inconsistent air temperature.  I woke up, took some Emergen-C, worked on my blog, and went back to bed.  Today was a “me” day.

To make up for my lack of activity, check out my friend Jacqueline’s blog here about her travels in Taiwan.  Like many people I met at the hostel, she is also studying Chinese at NTNU’s three-month program and has gone shrimp fishing, biking in Beitou, and surfing on waves along the southern coast.

Also, here is a new piece choreographed by Andye Jamieson.  TP, the founder of UK 101, is in the official video (yayy so proud), but here is Miss Andye’s interpretation of the song.  All I can say is HOT:

Song: “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland | Choreographer: Andye Jamieson | Performers: Essence Ladies and workshop students


Thoughts? Please share!

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