UK 101: Fade to Red Fashion Show

Mature content is included.

I really miss UK 101 and realized that I haven’t posted this video up yet, so here’s the perfect opportunity to do a quick shout out to my Mason dance family.  This performance is from the Rock the Runway: Fade to Red Fashion Show last December.  The purpose of the event was to promote AIDS awareness via entertainment and clothing.  The models strutted the runway in red, black and white attire and a contest was held to see who can make the most creative dress out of condoms.

We performed near the last half of the show.  Dancing begins at 0:33:

2010 Fade to Red Fashion Show | Songs: “Devil in a New Dress” by Kanye West, “Massage” by Trey Songz, “Return the Favor” by Keri Hilson, “Deuces” by Chris Brown, and “Sweet Nothings” by Brandy | Choreographers: Brydin Banning, Pierre Durant, Kathy Mendes, Christina Lanzell, Catie Brown, and Jay Jones | Performer: Urbanknowlogy 101

Our story line basically shows the risks of having unprotected sex.  Kathy (in the red) has AIDS, and when she transmits it to Pierre after hooking up, Pierre struggles to deal with it on his own.

This is one my favorite routines from last year.  I loved the photos too, thanks to JaePark Photography!  From what I remember, the practices ran relatively smoothly, the choreography fit well with the theme, and technical setting was stress-free (with the exception of limited space on the stage so we had to perform the last piece with a smaller group of people. sad face).

During one of our practices, Catie explained how important the last piece was for her and Christina because it represented one of their friends going through a really difficult situation.  She wanted us to show that same hope and determination through our dancing.  I think seeing how this routine meant so much to them let us better understand the choreography and show the same passion we have for dancing as they did for their friend.

Coming up – more on my Taiwan trip and a fantastic weekend blues dancing at VA beach!


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