Taiwan: What’s that sound?

Day 15 highlights: massage, basketball, and NTNU dance showcase

My cold rolled over to the next day so I slumbered until the early afternoon.  Feeling a lot better after two days of rest, I decided to get some fresh air (though it can only be so fresh with the humidity out here) and check out a massage parlor with Marisa, Jing Jing, and Felix.  Jing Jing led us to a shop off of Heping Road where we all treated ourselves to an upper body massage.  I could tell my back was really tight because my masseuse focused on this area a lot.  It was painful but I felt so relaxed afterwards – well my upper body at least.  Marisa and I definitely wanted to go back again sometime and hopefully get the full body treatment before I left.

Afterwards, we went to a famous beef noodle restaurant and a shaved ice shop, and to work it all off we played some basketball at the NTNU courts.  I think I’ll stick to dancing, thank you.  Ironically, as Marisa and I were walking back to the hostel, we heard some heavy beats pulsing in the performing arts building.  I grabbed Marisa’s arm, froze, and said, “What’s that sound?”  Then at the same time, we bolted towards the closest entrance and peeked in.  We walked in just as they were finishing the first act of NTNU’s annual dance showcase (notice the pattern of finding everything on the spot).

The girl on the right killed this dance.  She was one of only two girls on the team, and they were definitely keeping up!

Showcase poster:

The instructors also wowed the crowd with their collaborative routine:

And aww, here’s a part of their finale with everyone!

After attending this show, I was determined to keep my momentum up with going to other studios in Taipei and looking out for more street practices.  There’s just so much talent here!  Though, I also wanted to set aside some time to see a few landmarks since it was my last week here.  While I did the bulk of my research last week, this week could be referred to “miscellaneous and wrap up.”  And what better way to start it than with a massage, good friends, and dancing, right?


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