UK 101: First Choreographed Piece

I feel like I’ve hardly had time to breathe and realize that this semester actually started!  It’s been a month well into school, and I’ve barely touched this place since then.  One of the reasons I’m still grounded is much thanks to UK 101.  Our first performance this year is for the annual Alumni Step Show, as part of the Mason Alumni Weekend.

This show is particularly special to me because I finally (FINALLY) made my first “urban” piece that I could put into our medleys.  Out of all the songs I could pick to show my own style in UK, I chose Miguel’s “Quickie.”  This isn’t very surprising to many UK members because they know how excited I get when we learn sexy dances.  Teaching it last Thursday was great.  I felt completely in my element and now I’m motivated to create more pieces.

The new executive board is doing a wonderful job at holding the team together and being on top of things.  Shout out to Becca, the new President!

There should be a video out soon for tomorrow’s show, so I’ll be back soon with updates!


Thoughts? Please share!

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