UK 101: Mason Madness 2011

What a way to debut our full new team for the Fall 2011 semester!  This show was on fire, transitions were smooth, and blocking was as clean as my new shoes when I bought them in August.  I’ve been waiting for the best angle to display the whole picture of our show but also exemplify how much energy was put out on the court last Friday.  Thanks to ccxdriver (whom I’m assuming is the wonderful pep band, Green Machine, of Mason) I present to you our Mason Madness medley of 2011:

Mason Madness 2011 | Songs: “Bootywurk” by “Bootywurk” by T-Pain, “Pay Me” by Usher, “Swagger Right” by RichGirl, “Who Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce, “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera | Choreographers: Demetirus White, Cina McKenna, Jay Jones, and Kathy Lopes

I think what made this year’s show on point was the time we put into cleaning each piece.  The limited time given to us could have been for the better, because in a way we were forced to choose which songs were at most PG rated, and which pieces would look the most clean on a court in front of 5,000+ people.  With the final cut of five songs instead of our usual eight to ten, we had about a week to drill formations into our minds, which I must say, rarely happens.  It felt great to see that our hard work and dedication from members new and old had paid off.

I also want to give a shout out to the Green Machine, Cheerleaders, Masonettes, and our own select UK 101 dancers for putting on a historic collaboration of their own interpretation to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.  The groups coming together for what some suspected to be a “High School Musical” attempt shuffled, rocked, and partied, driving the crowd wild.  See for yourself!

Up next – Mason Fall Premiere, an open house for all high school senior students interested in GMU.  In addition to our regular table to display flyers, videos, and for people to stop by, we are also performing our Mason Madness show in hopes to win a competition against other student life organizations.  Hoping for a job well done!

Side note – 10th post for Urbanknowlogy 101!


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