UK 101: Coalescence 2013

Check out UrbanKnowlogy 101’s first performance of the year! With one week to properly prepare, we came out with a 7-minute routine for the 4th Annual Coalescence Showcase hosted by James Madison University. Songs and choreographers listed below.

Songs: “Freakum Dress” by Beyonce, “Bad Girl” by Usher, “Ice” by Kelly Rowland, “Novacane” by Frank Ocean, “Make Me Proud” by Drake ft. Nicki Minaj, “Don’t Mess with My Man” by Nivea | Choreographers: Demetirus White, Tri Le, Cina McKenna, Jia Zheng | Performed by: UrbanKnowlogy 101 | Coalescence 2013

This was our first year participating in the JMU Coalescence Showcase. In their words, “The purpose of Coalescence is to unite dancers and their crews, allowing all of us to share our talents and celebrate our love for dance and music.” I appreciate how they make efforts to bring together all different teams in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina to remind us how we should encourage the uniqueness of our own styles instead of thinking about the pressure from other groups and impressing judges.

Also, here’s a video from one of the guest choreographers for the Kodachrome workshops.


Thoughts? Please share!

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