Hip Hop Studios in Taipei

Seeing how helpful my post about dance studios in Beijing is to readers, I’m posting up a list of dance studios I found in Taipei, Taiwan back in 2011.  The warm humid air and scorching sun reminds me of the last three summers I spent in Asia, but I haven’t shared all the treasures I found on the eastern hemisphere yet. Like my other post about Beijing’s studios, this one is inspired by one of my readers who commented on a Taiwan post.

In Ximen, you’ll find IP Dance Skool, known for its locking instructors. When I interviewed dance instructors and students who practiced in the parks, many of them either took classes from or recommended IP Dance Skool.

From what I experienced, most of the notorious studios are located in the East District (Zhongxiao Xinsheng to Sun Yat-Sen stations). HRC Dance Academy, Lumi Dance School, and Merry Monarc are all located near Sun Yat-Sen, First Place near Zhongxiao Dunhua, and No Limit (no link) near Zhongxiao Xinsheng. However, you’ll find students casually practicing at MRT stops like Ximen and Taipei Main Station, and I’m sure they’d be happy to tell you other places closer to the Shida area. Below is a vogue class with Dashaun Wesley at No Limit:

True Fitness gym is near the Guting station and it offers a hip hop class every week as well as ballroom and other group fitness classes. I took the hip hop class my first week in Taipei (click here). A monthly membership is required, but when I told them this was for my research project, they offered me a free trial for this first class and even let two of my friends join me. Wesley, the instructor, has years of experience under his belt, from performing in celebrity concerts to teaching students of all ages. I recommend giving this a try for a beginner lesson.

For the studios I went to, the prices for each class ranged from 320-450NTD, which I think is the average pricing for most studios in the area. The more expensive studios have better-known instructors and space can sometimes be limited, so I think they are worth the extra bucks.

For most studios, you can walk in and sign up for one class at a time a few minutes before they begin. Most places also have packages where you can prepay for a number of classes and take the ones you’d like to try out for your convenience.

July and August are good times to go to Taipei because that’s when the Metro Street Dance Competition takes place. With youth and adult divisions, each group of teams will compete for the finals outside MRT Jiannan Rd. Station. This is a chance to see all the talent in Taipei mixed together and mingle with the dance community.

4 thoughts on “Hip Hop Studios in Taipei

  1. Hey, I just moved to Taipei and I’m looking to take some hip hop classes for fun and fitness but I don’t have a ton of formal experience. Any recommendations for classes in English? Or classes that would be easy to follow even not in English? I am starting Mandarin courses soon but I’m a super beginner. Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura!

      Thanks for commenting, and sorry I’m just getting back to you! How is everything in Taipei so far? Hope you’re having a blast! I actually spoke to a friend from Taiwan recently and he teaches regularly in several studios. He recommended the following:

      TBC Studio
      IP Studio
      Merry Monarc Studio
      HRC Studio

      Most Taiwanese can speak in English, and their websites should give you some good information about their spaces. I would start with beginner classes for different styles and then see what styles you personally like most. And you can let instructors know beforehand that you speak primarily in English, so they can speak more with their body when they’re teaching.

      Hope this helps! And let me know if you have any other questions!


  2. Hi!! I am visiting Taiwan in a few days and I’ll be there until school in the states start. So I was wondering if you had any recommendations on dance studios for a teen? I also speak very little Chinese but it’s not necessary to have an English class. Thanks!
    P.S. Just wondering… If you know of any Kpop dance classes- a long shot- but I’m curious.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Thanks for the comment. The studios I listed in this post are teen-friendly. You should start with the beginner’s classes and see how you like them. As for Kpop classes, I’m not so sure but I can direct you to a friend who might know! Feel free to email me :)

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