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This blog originally started out as a mandatory assignment for students who conducted research in Taiwan for the CAPEC Scholarship.  Around the same time I started this research, I also felt that I needed a place to document my admiration for dance and dancers around the world.  My research was directly connected to this topic, so out comes movinandgroovin, something I hope to stay with for a long time.

My dream goal is to have a career where I can combine my desire to learn about business with my passion for dance. I want to share with the world how educational, healing, and beautiful dance can be, whether it be for professional or recreational purposes. Through two research scholarships, I have been able to fulfill my passion for researching this complex culture filled with rich history, and I plan on developing this research into a personal long-term project to contribute to the hip hop community.

I am now dedicating this site primarily to my interests in the world of dance and my traveling experiences.  For me, dance is a form of expression, a stress reliever, a lifestyle, and a great workout.  What I like about dancing is that there are so many styles to learn from, but you can also develop your own within that style.  Dance is movement with one’s own body, so there are endless boundaries to what an individual can create.  I think of dancing as a learning experience and self-improvement.  I am always trying new styles to broaden my variation and finding something to work on to be a better dancer.

For spring 2012, I took a break from George Mason University (GMU) and studied as a direct exchange student at Tsinghua University.  Just as I did with Taiwan, I posted the things I saw, the places I traveled to, and continued my research that I conducted in Taiwan.  For these posts, click on “Direct Exchange 2012” under my categories.

I am also finishing up posts on my research about the marketing of hip hop and street dance in Taipei from Summer 2011.  If you’d like to check it out, you can find these posts under the category “CAPEC Scholarship 2011.”

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3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hey Jia: I’m currently living in Beijing and am looking for dance schools/dance classes. I haven’t joined a group since I was 12, but seems like a great way to get involved and exercise, let off some stress! I was wondering if you could recommend some groups or schools which you found to be the best in your time in BJ? Or share some contacts who would lead me in the right direction? I currently have a fulltime job so weekends or week nights are best (aka not on student schedule!) thanks so much and please contact me if you have time :)

    1. Hello! Thanks for reaching out, and that’s so exciting that you’re getting into the dance scene. What style of dance are you looking for? 舞佳舞(Wujiawu) is the first hip hop studio that opened in Beijing. It’s more old school, focusing on learning the fundamentals of dance and building your way up to find your own style. This studio is home to some of the city’s best poppers and nationally known hip hop battlers. For a good hip hop class, I recommend Zaki or Wood. The studio is located near the Guomao subway station on line 10. 舞佳舞 also hosts the annual international hip hop battle Keep on Dancing in Beijing every May.
      Website: http://www.wujiawu.com.cn/

      If you’re looking to learn choreography, Zaha Club (嘉禾舞社 Jiahewushe) is the place to go. They have three locations now, but I suggest going to the one near Guomao or Yonghegong station (line 2 and line 5). I took classes with Bobo, who is one of the most seasoned dancers at Zaha and teaches at Guomao. I can tell from my experience and everyone else’s that he is a big inspiration to the dance scene in Beijing.
      Website: http://www.jiahewushe.com/main/

      SPY, another pioneer of Beijing’s hip hop scene, is right next to 舞佳舞 and is known for its jazz teachers. SDT Dance is a studio in Sanlitun that teaches beginner hip hop classes and has guest teachers come in for special workshops every few weeks or so. Jun Quemado from Movement Lifestyle guest taught about a year ago. It is located next to the Nali Patio building on the 6th floor. As you can tell, most of the studios will be located in the east of Beijing.

      There’s much more to say but I tried to give you the basics in this comment to introduce you to what’s available. Feel free to ask me more questions, and I can email more information on specific directions, prices, teaching styles, etc. My friends from Tsinghua would be great resources as well, so I can link you guys up if you want. They’re really nice :) Good luck!

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